Our Mission

Our mission is to create a moving experience for customers. Often it’s major event promoters that need a reliable source for renting golf, utility or all-terrain carts. Golf club pros also turn to us when searching for clean, sharp, dependable golf carts for a tournament. Or, it’s the person who wants to stand out wherever they go in a hot, tricked out, custom-fit golf cart.

What Our Customers Say

KC Golf Cart Company is always reliable, on time, above and beyond, accommodating even with rigid schedules, super nice, personable, and community minded.

Bridgette Samuelson

Heartland Soccer Association

Our Founders

Most boys in Kansas grow up riding around on tractors or minibikes. Not the Leiker brothers. They caught the entrepreneur bug early and saw an unmet need for golf carts. The rest, as they say, is history. What keeps customers coming back is KC Golf Cart Co’s sales, services, and smiles, along with values like trust, innovation, and integrity.



Brian is a numbers, logistics, and all things Kansas City guy. As co-founder of KC Golf Cart Co., he drives the day-to-day operational stuff for KC HQ and the company’s business plan. Brian manages the parts and service department and leads all customized golf carts and sales. He also coordinates the logistics calendar company-wide and helps manage local events and logistics. While he’s a numbers guy, customers like dealing with Brian. It could be because he loves giving back and making people happy, whether it’s customers or his kids (both are in high school). In fact, the only time Brian is not outwardly friendly and personable is when he’s taking advantage of his Amazon Prime.



Andy is a big picture, get-er-done kind of guy. As co-founder of KC Golf Cart Co., Andy oversees national event logistics and runs out-of-town events start to finish. He’s on the road 99 percent of the time, making sure events go off as planned and ensuring clients get what they need. Andy manages the rental fleet for some of the largest events in the country. He’s all business, all the time. On-site management and logistics are where Andy thrives. He’s also helpful when the going gets tough, and you’re the customer who’s in a pickle. He’s repaired many carts on site at the event. Like Brian, Andy oversees the company in all areas. He’s the real deal, the kind of guy you can grab a Coors Light with and has an incredible story or two to share. To Brian’s kids, Andy is the amazing uncle. To friends, he’s clutch.

Our Team

Behind every great company, you’ll find great people. We’re proud of our team members.


VP of Operations

Reid has been with KC Golf Cart Co since the doors were opened for business. He manages details, books rentals, and develops relationships with out of town clients. Reid is responsible for on-site check outs, check ins and repairs. He makes sure all carts arrive at each event clean and dependable, along with any repairs made. Reid is your go-to-guy during on-site events. He manages each event from the beginning to the end. Behind Brian and Andy, Reid is magic and as loyal as they come. When he’s not working, Reid loves music, snowboarding, and having a good time. The company looks to Reid to keep us hip on the latest trends and what’s in or out.



You could say Jason is our national traveling mechanic. He travels all over the country to service and maintain our carts for events. His technical abilities come in handy when repairing and rebuilding golf carts and accessories or performing general maintenance on all carts in the fleet. Jason is super smart and loyal to KC Golf Cart Co. Away from work, Jason’s favorite hobby is airboating.



Drew is a jack of all trades and pitches in where he’s needed during events. Away from work and maybe it’s the appeal of his event work, Drew loves to attend concerts and play the corn hole game.


Logistics Manager

Emily manages the inventory control system for the golf cart fleet. She also performs logistics and records management for out of town events, as well as answers phones and handles payroll, deposits, and various other responsibilities that support the staff. Given the motley crew who work at KC Golf Cart Co., Emily is known for managing an office of crazy people who think she can read minds. Away from work, Emily is married with four kids under the age of 5. At work or away, it’s a little crazy in Emily’s world.


Danilo is a technician responsible for servicing, repairing, and rebuilding our golf carts. When customers want a custom golf cart, Danilo is there to make it happen. Like Billy, Danilo can fix anything.


Billy services, repairs, and rebuilds our golf carts. He’s a pro at customizing golf carts and building carts from the ground up.


James is one of our national drivers, ensuring carts arrive at events on time. He’s reliable and goes the extra mile.


Do you have a reservation? Reserving our golf, utility and all-terrain carts ensures availability at your event.